1. Who is eligible to be seen at The Olympia Free Clinic?
You are eligible for our services if you are an adult (18 and over) who is uninsured or are "underinsured."  We consider you to be underinsured if you are covered by Medicaid or Medicare and are unable to get an appointment with a provider, or if you are privatly insured but are unable to afford your deductible or co-pays.  Our goal is to help you find long term care in the community and, after you are seen by a doctor, we will help you find providers who take your insurance.

2. Are all of the services at the clinic free?
Yes - however patients are encouraged to make a monetary donation if they can. You will NOT be refused care if you are unable to make a donation.

3. If a patient needs immediate medical care, will they be seen first?
We are a drop-in clinic and you will be seen in the order you arrive. The Olympia Free Clinic does not provide urgent or emergency medical care. If you come in with any health care problem that may be life-threatening, a TOFC health care provider will see you and you will be "triaged" to the appropriate facility.

4. Are children treated at The Olympia Free Clinic?
No.  All children are eligible for free health care in the state of Washington and will be better served if they are followed by a primary care provider. Our staff can assist families in applying for Washington Apple Health for Kids and locating a family primary care provider.

5. What services does the clinic provide?
TOFC provides acute medical care for problems such as acute illnesses or mild injuries. We understand that you might also need care for a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, depression etc., and we will help you with these issues.  Our goal is to help provide you care so that you may more easily transition into medical home (primary care) that is a good fit for you and who can provide you with long term care for your ongoing needs. 

Services NOT provided by TOFC:

  • Emergency Care

  • Prescriptions for Narcotics or Benzodiazepines

  • Physicals

  • Abortions

6. Are there other free clinics in Washington?

For a list of all free clinics in Washington State, visit: http://www.wafreeclinics.org/clinics.html

7. How does the clinic protect my privacy?
Patients receiving care at The Olympia Free Clinic are accorded the same respect, confidentiality, and consideration that they would receive at any other health care facility. All volunteers sign a confidentiality agreement and are responsible for adhering to HIPPA and other federal and Washington State RCW privacy regulations.